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How does Tufwud Flame Retardant Paint work?
Some of the basic mechanisms of protection are as follows:-

Insulation: Thick coatings insulate the treated materials against high temperatures.  
Crust Formation: The coatings melts under the action of heat, covering the treated material with an impermeable insulating crust that deprives the wood of oxygen
Heat Absorption:-The coating absorbs the heat and maintains the temperatures of protected surface below its ignition temperature
Intumescence:- The coatings swells when heated when heated, to form a thick insulating layer that arrests the heat and flame and prevents it from spreading.

The following process occurs during the flame retarding
Initials softening of the polymeric binder (which makes up the paint)
Release of an organic acid,due to reaction at high temparature
►Canonization of the binder.
Expansion (The coating is puffed up) of the cooating through release of gas
Its permanent binder keeps the retardant properties intact for long span of the time.
►Strengthening of the expanded coating through a cross linking reaction. 

It is composed of VOLCLAY PREMIUM GEL,PVP K 30,KTPP,AMP-950,TRITON X-100,TAMOLO 721 (25% solution), antifoam B Emulsion,ZB-467, SILQUEST A-1120 Silane, Alumina Trihydrate,MONO 90, AIRFLEX 809 (55% Solution) ALCOGLTMO L-89 (30% solution) in a Hockmeyer mixer in water based solutions. The organic content is about 5.9% based on the dried film.

During test the flame on the specimens self extinguished when flame source was removed. No heat penetration was noted in the coated specimens. Wood was found unaffected beneath.

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